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Katie Draznin

Katie is a wanderer at heart.  Travel and exploration are in her DNA.  Recently, she spent almost 7 months traveling the world full time.  During this time she was able to draw on her experience and training in Social Work and Personal Development to work on her personal relationship with fear.  Through that experience, Katie has been able to develop tools that can support others in shifting their own relationships with fear and start living their dream lives.  Katie holds a Masters Degree in International Social Work and has over 15 years of working directly with clients in a coaching capacity.  She is currently writing a book on Overcoming Fear that will support her vision of creating a world of empowered women.  

Katie has a 9 month old niece named Olivia.  She wants Olivia to grow up empowered, knowing that she can make her own choices and not ones out of fear or obligation.  Katie wants that for all women and everyone that she encounters.  Follow her blog at and Instagram @_TheJourneyWithin_.