Personal  Strategy  Session


You live a unique life with specific financial education and coaching needs.  Let's spend 1.5 hours together to understand what your needs are, answer immediate questions and discover how we can work together.  

The first step in every coaching relationship is building rapport and trust.  Take some time to get to know me, and let's discover what's got you stuck financially so that you can be clear about your next step.

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Sister Mentorship

SISTER =  Strong, Independent, Successful, Talented, Empowered, RESULTS

For a Financially Secure Future.

This program is designed for the Millennial woman who is strong and independent,  but not getting the financial results she's WORTH.


Are you ready for MAXIMUM results and TRANSFORMATION?  

Along with personal coaching, I will give you the tools necessary to make confident decisions about your money.  You will join a community of like minded women for 6 months, and you will graduate inspired and empowered to make responsible financial decisions.

Through my program of Keeping It Simple (KISS) you will learn how to Know your money, Invest wisely, Set and Achieve Financial Goals, and Save to ultimately put you on the right path for the rest of your life!

We kick off the program in fabulous Las Vegas for one weekend together and will get straight to work in changing your money mindset.  Immediately following,  you will be on a journey for 6 months receiving a combination of personal one-on-one and group coaching.  We will engage in monthly activities as a group that will stretch you beyond your comfort zone so that you can create everything you say you want at this time in your life.

In addition to financial coaching, SISTERS learn how to sustain powerful careers, harmonious and healthy relationships with others and themselves.  SISTERS are millennial superstars who by realizing their own self worth are living amazing lives as young leaders in their families, community and the world.

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One-on-One Coaching Packages


Long lasting change does not happen over night.  You've created your money habits over time and it takes time to make new ones.  I offer one to six month personal packages designed to educate you and create new habits.  We will work together through individual coaching sessions that are designed to help you set and achieve goals, create new spending and saving habits, and ultimately keep you moving and breaking through your old patterns and beliefs.

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