The Academy

The Academy

Designed for independent and successful women who are ready to control their money, live purposefully, and LOVE their lives!


I am highly selective with the women I bring into my #tribe. The right woman knows it’s going to take time to level up her game in life, but she’s ready to take action, and surround herself with other amazing women who are on a similar mission to have total control of their lives.

This year long program is designed to give you all of the tools you need to not only get your $hit together but take your life to the NEXT level.

I strategically engage you with simple money techniques and experts so that when you graduate from The Academy you’ll got everything you need to build a secure, fun, loving, and memorable life.

Is this YOUR YEAR? I know it is! Schedule a call with me today to see if you’re the next member of my Girl, Get Your $hit Together Academy!

✅Increased Net worth by $20K ✅Increased net worth by $18K
✅Paid off all credit cards ✅$10K raise
✅$15K in savings ✅Bought first home
✅Opened and invested in first retirement account
✅Out of debt and staying out of debt ✅Got dream job and traveling the world

These are RESULTS my clients created during the time they worked with me.

My clients are ditching the spending on things they don’t need, and they are transforming their lives from paycheck to paycheck to FINANCIAL clarity, peace and feeling free to pursue their dream lives!

If you’re at all curious about how you can create these results in your own life, schedule your Academy Interview!

Inviting brilliant women who are ready to take on their financial lives.

Join me – seats are limited.  Let’s talk ASAP.

I highly recommend working with Lisa. I only wish I would have worked with her many years ago, but the best day to start working with her was yesterday and the second best day is today. So I’m super thankful that I started now! I’m glad I randomly scheduled a call to see how she can take our money to the next level! -Deanna

What Lisa offers is life changing and priceless information on how to better your life. Managing your money is so much more than just creating a budget, there are levels that she will dig deep with you to understand the big picture. I HIGHLY recommend her time and expertise, she is a trusted financial advisor and a great human being.

When I began working with Lisa 3 months ago, I was at a transitional point in my life and in a full-on money panic. Here I was purchasing my first home (a quick, unplanned purchase) and wondering if I had enough money to pay bills, save for the future and still be able to have some sort of social life. A girl needs to shop and go to happy hour from time to time! Lisa helped me get clear on my vision and really understand my money blocks…all the stories I was telling myself that just weren’t true. She helped me set up a monthly allocation plan (I hate the word budget…haha) and I’m able to make conscious money decisions that help achieve my goals. No more just “winging it” and hoping for the best. Lisa is upbeat, fun and very easy to talk to. She ALWAYS made me feel better about whatever topic we were discussing. I’m extremely thankful and grateful to have had the opportunity to work with her.

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