Are You Ready To Get Your $hit Together and Make More Money?

1 Day Event / March 21 / Las Vegas, NV

Lisa Chastain's Girl! Get Your Shit Together Bootcamp is designed to help millennial women re-frame their thinking about money and set the groundwork to making more money fast!... Without stressing or using outdated budgeting techniques that don't work.

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Learn The Secrets To Financial Wealth For Millennial Women

Within one single day, Lisa will help you design a better plan, get access to her unique tools, and create a new powerful mindset that will transform the way you think about money forever!

No Need For Crazy Outdated Budgeting

Step 1

You won't be learning outdated old-school budgeting, this is for millennial women who want a simple modern way to track their money and make more of it!

No Stressing Over Every Penny

Step 2

Now you'll have a simple plan that allows you to sleep at night knowing you have money now and long into the future.

Never Get An Overdraft Fee Again

Step 3

Learn a few simple tricks that will always keep money in your bank and never have to pay an overdraft fee again. 

No More Wondering How You'll Pay Tomorrow's Bills

Step 4

You'll discover exactly how to keep money in your bank and your bills paid on time every single week.

Meet Your Money Coach, Lisa Chastain

Lisa has been coaching, mentoring, and advising millennials for nearly 20 years. From an advisor in higher education, Financial Advisor, and as a seasoned life coach... She practices daily what it takes to make dreams become reality.

Struggles, Debt, and Failing Marriage

Step 1

I burned through $100,000 of savings and by 2016 I was facing a mountain of debt, a failing marriage, and a failing business. I felt like I was free falling, with no way out. 

I share my story today because it was through my own personal financial struggles, that I had to learn how to take new steps and find new systems in order to turn things around.

New Thinking and The Right Tools Changed Everything

Step 3

With the right tools, systems, and support... I built a better money mindset and relationship with what money really is to me personally... and YOU CAN TOO. 

Money problems can be scary, many times it's not that you don't make great money, you might even make great money!..  But you were never taught what to do with your money and lack the skills and confidence to take the right steps. That was me not too long ago.

What You'll Discover At Bootcamp

Here's Everything You'll Come Away With After Attending Bootcamp...

New Money Mindset

Step 1

Before you build wealth, you must learn the right mindset that builds wealth and keeps it!

Unique Budgeting Tools

Step 2

Find out Lisa's personal and unique budgeting tools that keep it simple and ensure every bill gets paid with money to spare.

Your Money Type

Step 2

You'll be guided through discovering your personal "Money Type" and learning your unique personality around money, so you understand how to approach money with your own unique strengths.

Better Way To Invest

Step 4

Lisa will show you the best investments that generate new money fast... And it's not real estate or the stock market!

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Going to Lisa Chastain’s Bootcamp was AMAZING! 

It was exactly what I needed for my life at this point. I have so many goals and so many things that I wanted to accomplish... Anyone with goals and anyone who has a pile of debt that they don’t want to look at (or maybe DO want to look at and be more proactive about it)... OH MY GOD!... Ya gotta be there!!!!

Ami Bayani

The Payroll Company

Your Ticket Includes

Event Workbook and Action Plan

Secret #1

You'll have Lisa's Money Manual that walks you through each major pillar to transform your money mindset and set the foundation for long term wealth.

Tools and Step-by-Step Checklist

Secret #2

You'll get the tools and checklist that Lisa uses herself and with her personal clients to build wealth and keep more money in your bank account.

Latest Trends and Money Strategies

Secret #3

Get access to all Lisa's latest techniques and strategies to make more money in 2020.

One Day Event / March 21st / Las Vegas, NV


Step 1

Residence Inn

3225 St Rose Pkwy, Henderson, NV 89052


Step 1

Dress casual. Bring extra layers, the room can go from warm to cold quickly. Many times we don't have full control over the temperature.


Step 3

Breakfast, lunch, and snacks are on your own. However, expect to eat meals with your fellow attendees as this will be a perfect time to network with others.


Step 4


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