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The Ultimate System To Jumpstart Your Money Mindset and Bank Account  

GET IT Together Online is an exclusive community and system designed by money coach, Lisa Chastain, to develop the mindset and habits proven to create a financially secure lifestyle and keep it that way!

Transform Your Money Mindset

Step 1

Before you build wealth, you must learn the right mindset that builds wealth and keeps it!

GET IT Together Online is designed to help you rebuild your mindset one step at time without overwhelm.

Pay Your Bills On Time

Step 1

Follow Lisa's step by step strategies to that keep budgeting simple and ensure every bill gets paid with money to spare

Create a Financially Secure Future

Step 1

Daily accountability is a key factor in finding security

Lisa and her team support you and keep you accountable weekly to stay committed towards your financial security and create a future that's bright and full of hope.

Get The Tools You Need to Succeed

Step 1

The right tools make a massive difference!
Get access to Lisa's personal and unique money tracking tools that keep it simple and ensure every bill gets paid - with money to spare.

Finally Find Support to Rise Higher

Step 1

Like minded women who support you and cheer you on!
GIT Online includes access to our exclusive community where you can get daily encouragement, inspiration and guidance, as well as continued training and support from Lisa and her incredible Money Mentors!



24/7 Access - Exclusive Online Community & Course ($524)

Online Course - Ultimate Simple Money System ($222)

Bonus - 4 Easy Money Tracking Tools ($479)

KIS Money Worksheet

3 Month Money Tracker

Spending Basics

Simple Money Tracker



One Time Payment

Frequently Asked Questions

How is this course different from other financial courses? 

Step 1

It's no shocker that women think and do things differently than men, which is why other courses aren't effective for us. Here you get a feminine perspective that works!

Can I access the GIT Online at anytime? 

Step 1

Yes!  You have your own username and password and the content is ready to use anytime.  🙂

What if I need help?

Step 1

We have coaches on staff you can hire for additional accountability and support.  You can also ask questions via our private community page that Lisa will answer directly! 

How do I get access to the private membership page?

Step 3

The membership is hosted in a private group. You'll be emailed instructions on how to join that group immediately after you enroll.

Is this exclusive to women only?

Step 4

Yes. We only focus on helping women, so we can cater to their unique needs.

It sound simple, what's the catch ?

Step 5

No catch!  This is the BEST place to start if you're ready to know your money so that you can grow your money.

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