Keep It Together with a Little Help from Some New Friends 

Work with a group of goal-driven women to take your financial success to the next level. 

You’ve worked hard to make financial change happen. You’ve identified your money goals and are working on plans to get you there. Maybe you feel you need a little extra motivation to elevate your financial position. Finance coaching is all about helping you develop the kind of financial success you want. 

Limited Spaces Available

Lisa Chastain

Get Your Financial Ducks in a Row 

My academy, Keep It Together, is designed for the woman who needs:

  • Some help getting her financial affairs in order.
  • Coaching to figure out just how to do that.

Keep It Together gives you the opportunity to connect with and meet like-minded women who are in the same shape financially as you are.

It's a safe place to put into practice what you’re learning about smart money choices and receive insightful, personal feedback. 

Think of it like networking for your financial portfolio! 

When you enroll in Keep It Together you:

  • Work alongside me toward financial elevation.
  • Learn how to develop the necessary steppingstones to financial success for the rest of your life.

Everyone could do with some new tools to navigate through periods of financial uncertainty. Participating in the Keep It Together academy will help you through the next level of your financial security journey. Along with finance coaching from me, you’ll work with a great group of financial peers to discover new-to-you ways to increase your financial peace of mind. Because, when “we’re all in this together,” there’s nothing we can’t accomplish!

Keep Your Financial Goals in Check

Finance coaching can be one of the greatest investments you make in reaching your financial goals. The Academy will not only help increase your financial confidence and well-being, it can also lead to measurable gains in money management and objective financial health. 

Let’s Get Started! 

Ready to meet me and some kindred souls who are looking to become more financially empowered and secure? Enroll in the Keep It Together academy now to get smarter and more assured about where you’re headed. The future looks bright, indeed!

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